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JMOY95BN49Fixed an issue that The IBM Notes mail client accepts JavaScript tags inside HTML emails, making it possible to load Java applets and scripts from a...
JMOY95BLM6Fixed an issue that The IBM Notes mail client accepts Java applet tags inside HTML emails, making it possible to load Java applets and scripts from a...
SHEZ75TA8QFixed an intermittent Notes Client crash opening a certain document with tables.
DJDJ92U96GTranslated Notes UI strings when selecting prefer MIME format incoming Mail will be displayed correctly.
ADEE7RUAPNFixed error received when pasting Microsoft Powerpoint image into Notes mail if the Paste Special option was not chosen.
BJGY93SLLJ With the fix, no cell border will show in Outlook when cell border-width is 0.
NPEI96K82QFixed an integer overflow vulnerability which may be triggered by viewing a malformed PNG image. For details, see technote 1635878.
LAMY7XJVX4 Resolved an error "Table cannot be wider than 22.75 inches (57.785cm)" when selecting "Copy Selected As Table" in view by providing an option...
MPGY97KK5YFixed an intermitted crash when forwarding or reply to MIME messages.
HSKM8SKETR Fixed a bug that Notes did not convert Korean characters to Chinese in Rich text and text field in Windows 7
RREN95DKLJFixed an intermittent crash when opening mails or typing characters in the Notes client
BJGY8HSRCUfixed a bug that "Set Current Font As Mail Default" did not work when using a "copy into new".
DAGL97NG83Starting with 9.0.1, table border width is zero when copying and pasting data from Excel to the Notes client. Prior to 901, table border width was...
TMDS8BVVKZFixed a defect that Embedded Image from Snipping Tolls did not display in the Notes client.
MLAT99RKAGImproved javascript disablement and disabled for HTML Email messages (body field and memo form) only
NBYE96TCGNFixed a crash issue when opening a message with zero size image attachment in it. Prior to the Notes 9.0.1, Please use a work around is to turn off...
QJGG98UBPZFixed a crash when dragging a .png file as an attachment that has non English file name
AGUD97HR8HFixes issue where error: "$EXECUTE$+19: Document command is not available" or "$EXECUTE$+13: Document command is not available" is shown when...
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